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Baseball Speed / Pitch Speed / Pitch Trainer
Turn your phone into a portable
peformace meter. Measure and log
acceleration and speed data.
Evaluate perfomace modifiations
impact. Autostart and sensor
calibration features increase test
data accuracy.
Test Modes
Hold your phone securely, motion your arm as if you
were throwing a baseball pitch and Baseball Speed
will display the actual speed of your movement in
mph. Baseball Speed uses the accurate multi axis
accelerometer of your Android phone to measure,
calculate, and display the speed. Nolan Ryan holds
the world record at 100.9 mph, can you beat that?
Do not actually throw your phone! No phone
throwing is necessary.
v1.6 Release Notes:
New, adaptive, self calibrating straight line motion approximation speed

Super Pong
Coming early 2011...
Pong Motion
Next generation accelerometer based pong game.
Player's paddle is controlled via the tilting of the phone
with adjustable sensitivity. Points are earned on a
successful return of the chrome ball. Bonus points are
awarded for slicing the ball. Ten points are needed to
advance to the next level. The game starts with three
lives. Player's contact with the green life ball adds a
life, player's contact with red ball loses a life. There
are infinite number of levels. Each subsequent level
progresses ball speed and intensity of the additional
Version 1.0 - 2010/12/20 - Initial release.
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Marine Propeller Calculator
Propeller slip refers to the difference between
actual and theoretical forward movement of the

The Marine Propeller Calculator enumerates
propeller slip or any of the related variables,
Propeller Pitch, Gear Ratio, Engine RPM or
actual Speed. Turn your mobile device into an
invaluable tool applicable to any performance
boating application.
Version 1.0 - 2011/01/07 - Initial release.
This application is largely dependent on the
accuracy and the range of the accelerometer sensor.
The performance characteristics of the
accelerometer sensor itself vary greatly from one
mobile device to the next. Maximum measured
speed will be limited to that of the accelerometer